2009 Draft Hit, Miss, or Meh: Every 1st Round Pick!

Evaluating every first round pick from the 2009 NFL Draft!

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44 thoughts on “2009 Draft Hit, Miss, or Meh: Every 1st Round Pick!”

  1. Considering the entire draft was horrible, I would say Matthew Stafford is a hit. He isn't going to be considered the best QB to ever live but he was the Lions best option. Of course, he won't have a great career, he was drafted by a team that went 0-16. He is also the only one on the list still with his team.

  2. The amount of misses there are, especially in the top 10 picks, makes me think that these first rounders are largely overrated. I'd be more than happy if my team traded out of the first for an established starter. And if a Khalil Mack or another superstar is available, yall can have the house.

  3. Maclin and Crabtree are hits, not stars, but above average starting caliber WRs

    In a draft class that didn't have much talent you can't complain about either

  4. Every single player is a MEH unless he is going into Hall or Fame, y’all tripping and obviously know very little of draft expectations. A 1st round draft pick that played 10+ years or had only 1 or 2 pro bowls is a hit.

  5. Stanford goes 10 seasons without a playoff win and gets a meh, mark sanchez goes to back to back afc championships and gets a miss.. makes sense

  6. If your coming for Stafford have to go for Calvin Johnson being meh. Both careers are fantastic one with the other sometimes teams don’t spend enough money on the right players it is what it is Stafford can’t win every fucking game if the team isn’t picking smart. The patriots don’t draft chumps the steelers don’t draft chumps Green Bay etc Detroit sucks at player personnel the colts suck at player personnel

  7. This is pretty bad analysis. Stafford, Vontae, and Wood should all be hits imo. Stafford is literally the all time leading passer of a franchise and is on record pace for yards. Be better.

  8. You had everything except for B.J. Raji and Michael Crabtree. They were both hits. Trust me, my top 3 teams are the Packers, Niners and Bills. Also, Eric Wood was too bad for us. He stuck around for 9 years so he obviously did something right.

  9. Clay Matthews – "He remains a stalwart of the Packers' defense" Think he missed the part where Matthews was allowed to walk and promptly signed with the Rams XD

  10. Can we not look at Stanford’s record? He inherited the worst team in nfl history and hasn’t had an average HC or OC yet. Hasn’t even had an average o line or run game yet.

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