2014 Draft Hit, Miss, or Meh: Every 1st Round Pick!

Evaluating every first round pick from the 2014 NFL Draft!

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26 thoughts on “2014 Draft Hit, Miss, or Meh: Every 1st Round Pick!”

  1. So making the pro bowl and being 1st all pro and he still a meh? I believe you are wrong on Kyle Fuller this was his 2nd straight year of elite corner play

  2. I really really hate NFL Throwback’s scale/gap from Meh to Hit. Not EVERY damn drafted player can be too 5 at their position. Doesn’t mean they aren’t hits. Players like Barr, Clinton-Dix, Clowney, and Fuller are definitely hits. If anything, you’re putting Kelvin Benjamin in the Meh/same category, which is a bit ridiculous. Kelvin has been a ghost for the last 3 seasons

  3. These are too much base on stats instead of looking at the impact they had on the team they was drafted by or how they play for their current team. He said injuries for someone else made them a miss but said the same thing for OBJ but was a hit. Too many times he contradict himself.

  4. Meh for JD Clowney ? He’s a 3 time pro bowler after 2 back to back season ending injuries! ANYONE OF THESE DUDES WOULD BE OVER SHADOWED BY JJ FREAKIN WATT !! Put some respek on JD name

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