Chicago Cubs Outfielder Albert Almora Jr. Breaks Down After Line Drive Hits Child Fan

“God willing, I’ll be able to have a relationship with this little girl for the rest of my life.” Albert Almora Jr., the Chicago Cubs player whose foul ball hit a little girl, was visibly shaken after the incident.

A young fan was taken to the hospital after getting struck by a foul ball during Wednesday night’s game between the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros.

Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. hit a line drive in the fourth inning into the field-level stands down the third base line, where it hit the girl. He immediately put his hands on his head and took a couple of steps toward the seats. He then fell to his knees near home plate and was consoled by teammate Jason Heyward and manager Joe Maddon.

“Albert is an emotional young man with children, so that made it even more real to him,” Maddon said. “I understood exactly what he was going through right there.”

It took several minutes for Almora, who appeared to be crying, to compose himself and continue the at-bat. Players from both teams appeared shaken up by the scene.

Almora still looked to be on the verge of tears after the game. He spoke haltingly as he described what happened and said he knew immediately as he looked into the stands that his ball had hit someone.

“Just the way life is,” he said. “As soon as I hit it, the first person I locked eyes on was her.”

The girl was picked up by a man who appeared to be with her and he dashed up the stairs not long after she was struck. A photo taken by The Associated Press showed the girl apparently conscious and crying as she was whisked away and nearby fans looked on.

After the game, the Astros issued a statement saying the fan was taken to a hospital, but did not disclose any further details on her condition.

Almora said he received “unofficial updates” on her condition but he was advised not to share any details.

“Right now I’m just praying and I’m speechless,” he said. “I’m at loss of words. Being a father, two boys … but God willing I’ll be able to have a relationship with this little girl for the rest of my life. But just prayers right now and that’s all I really can control.”

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37 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs Outfielder Albert Almora Jr. Breaks Down After Line Drive Hits Child Fan”

  1. Time to protect the fans no matter how much they complain about it.

  2. Parents have to sit inside of their kids and be ready to shield them on every pitch if yal are going to sit down in those areas, no way I could take a kid to a game and sit in those areas and enjoy being at the game, so I would have to sit elsewhere if I'm with a child

  3. No reason to show this type of thing , a horrible thing for everyone involved …Hey, lets all watch !

  4. How about this.. pay attention, have a glove.. it’s a baseball game.. you should be watching baseball.. every …. single…..pitch… FYI.. same issue but I was ready… feel bad but jeez pay attention

  5. The father should never have put his child at risk by going so close to the front" he knew it could be dangerous but still took her" so charge him with being a dumb arse dad.

  6. I hope the girl is OK however anytime a person goes to any sport… race cars, football, hockey or any other, they risk an accident. It is not going the last time. Don't punish yourself.

  7. Baseball is a somewhat dangerous sport. Those baseballs move at 98 mph! The baseball stadiums need to add nets or prohibit children. But adults can get hurt by a baseball too.

  8. That's because he cares. It's the parents fault. Why aren't they keeping protective gear on the kids at the game or at least stepping in front of the ball???

  9. Just a bad moment…just a bad accident…I feel bad for the little girl, but I also feel bad for Almara. It had to be scary for both of them.

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