Rajon Rondo Hits Game-Winner vs. Boston Celtics | Feb. 7, 2019

Rajon Rondo returned his former home in Boston and hit the game-winner to beat the Celtics.

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34 thoughts on “Rajon Rondo Hits Game-Winner vs. Boston Celtics | Feb. 7, 2019”

  1. I watched this game closely as a celtics man. . Laughed super hard when Rondo hit the buzzer beater . . When the shot was released, everyone at the bar in boston was like ..”No No No !!…Fuckkkkk!” but for some reason a good chunk of boston fans were laughing 1 second later , it’s a sucky feeling when you lose like that but it’s also appreciated.

  2. Imagine this was game 7 lakers vs celtics finals (Lakers wins 17th ring) It's tied thanks to Franchise Great Rajon Rondo! celtics fans "We love Rondo, we hate what he did on the lakers, we love what he did here." I dream too much

  3. Chandler has a very high basketball I.Q. I've noticed that whenever he can't secure a rebound himself, he always tips it out to give his teammates a crack at it. That leads to more offensive and defensive rebounds and more shot attempts. It's another reason Lakers won this game. Go Chandler and Rondo!

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