Soulsborne – No Hit Run [Part 1: Bloodborne, DS2, DS1]

It is done. Twitch streamer The Happy Hob successfully completed all Dark Souls games, Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne back to back without taking a single hit. It took two streams and a total of almost 17 hours to complete this so called “God Run”, starting with Bloodborne, then continuing with Dark Souls 2, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and finally Dark Souls 3. After almost a year of trying, Hob managed to finish this challenge on the 21st of March, 2019. Due to YouTube’s video length restriction we had to split up the complete run into 2 parts, this is where it all started.

Click here to directly go to the second part of the run (Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls 3) on YouTube:

This video is the first part of the complete run, originally streamed on Twitch over two days.

For this challenge Hob had to beat all five “Soulsborne” games without taking a single hit from an enemy, back to back. If Hob got hit at any time, he had to start all over from the very first game.

The rules for the run are as follows:
– You can’t die
– You can’t be hit by any enemy
– You can’t be hit by any boss
– You can’t be hit by objects and traps causing damage (like arrows in Sen’s Fortress)
– Magic is not allowed (no spells or magic attacks)
– Blocking hits with a shield is not allowed (as it counts as a hit), parrying is allowed.
– Taking fall damage is allowed, so falling off cliffs or stairs is okay, dying because of the fall is not
– Taking poison damage from the environment is allowed (swamps or Blighttown)
– After filling up the meter, getting frostbitten counts as a hit, same with bloodloss.
– Reducing your health bar because of the jailers in Irithyll Dungeon in DS3 counts as a hit
– Getting staggered by an enemy or boss counts as a hit
– To follow the story and gameplay, the scripted ‘death’ at Seath in The Archives is allowed.

Jump directly to the boss fights with these links below:

Start of the game: 00:51
Father Gascoigne: 06:31
Blood-Starved Beast: 16:19
Vicar Amelia: 24:24
Shadow of Yharnam: 54:47
Rom The Vacuous Spider: 1:09:10
The One Reborn: 1:23:16
Micolash, Host of the Nightmare: 1:37:15
Mergo’s Wet Nurse: 1:45:14
Gehrman, the First Hunter: 1:49:25

Dark Souls 2
Start of the game: 1:54:54
Dragonrider: 2:04:19
The Last Giant: 2:12:56
The Pursuer: 2:15:31
Scorpioness Najka: 2:29:32
Congregation: 2:33:58
Flexile Sentry: 2:43:55
The Rotten (4x): 2:55:05
Dragonriders: 3:47:11
Looking Glass Knight: 3:53:58
Demon of Song: 4:07:33
Velstadt, the Royal Aegis: 4:16:00
Guardian Dragon: 4:26:26
Giant Lord: 4:38:16
Throne Watcher and Defender: 4:43:07
Nashandra: 4:54:01

Dark Souls
Start of the game: 5:02:07
Asylum Demon: 5:05:33
Quelaag: 5:24:11
Ceaseless Discharge: 5:30:31
Bell Gargoyles: 5:40:47
Iron Golum: 6:02:46
Ornstein & Smough: 6:46:30
Pinwheel: 6:59:41
Gravelord Nito: 7:08:53
Sif: 7:22:29
Seath: 7:48:36
Bed of Chaos: 8:04:59
Four Kings: 8:15:35
Gwyn, Lord of Cynder: 8:23:50

Video, overlays and artwork edited and produced by KaufLive:

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