Soulsborne No Hit Run – The End

Hob finally did it! He finished his ‘God Run’: beating all Soulsborne games back to back without taking a single hit. The order was: Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls and finally Dark Souls 3. On March 21st 2019 the run was finally completed. For the first time ever: Soulsborne No-Hit!

The complete run (which is over 16 hours long!) will be uploaded ASAP on this channel! It will take some time for the file to render and be activated on YouTube. Keep checking this channel for the latest updates!

50 thoughts on “Soulsborne No Hit Run – The End”

  1. The hug with your dog at the end hit me hard. It shows how hard you've tried to get thid run. I still can't imagine the time put into this. My only words are congratulations.

  2. Idk who this guy is. I just saw it in a Korean website, and I just wanna give you a deep respecton what you've achieved. Not giving up is one of the greatest things of our world. Gj

  3. I only followed his God Run journey for about 3 months but I got so invested in him succeeding. I was a blubbering idiot when you got that final hit. Video game or not , it was a monumental task. So much perseverance. A huge and well-deserved victory for Hob. Love you dude, look forward to the next stream

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