The Simpsons Hit & Run 100% Speedrun in 3:06:54 [World Record]

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22 thoughts on “The Simpsons Hit & Run 100% Speedrun in 3:06:54 [World Record]”

  1. I dont hate this guy but you can already see the effect speedrunning is having on him, physically and mentally. He literally looks like death and his mental health seems to be decreasing rapidly, not surprising as hes interacting with people even more mentally unstable than he is in the chat. Shame on them. Rwhitegoose said it perfectly about speedrunning in this video I wouldn't care if I was paid 5,000 dollars a week to do this, it simply isn't normal and takes an irriversable toll on you, that's why normal people hate this bullshit and barely no one does it and many people have quit.

  2. Ever wonder how Liquid's coin count changes between mission warps? You see, Mr. Henry "Scameron" Wifi has discovered a new coin dupe glitch that allows you to add anywhere between 1 and 100 coins to your coin count between mission warps. However, there's a catch. The number of coins added to your counter is random, and if you do the glitch wrong, the number of coins added could be negative. How do you perform this elusive glitch? I have a video rendering that tells you how.

  3. Holy schnikes!! The 3:06!! Liquid is now legendary. I got a feeling by June or July the 3:05 might be coming soon… and who knows, if more time saving glitches are found especially if there are massive ones, sub 3 may be possible at long last… oh, and everyone who reads this comment sub to Liquid as 10k subs is so close now! Please!

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