The Top Ten Greatest Americans In Video Games | Game OverThinker

Join Bob Chipman on this special episode of Game OverThinker as we celebrate July 4th with a look at Bob’s Top Ten Greatest Americans in Gaming.

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35 thoughts on “The Top Ten Greatest Americans In Video Games | Game OverThinker”

  1. Pretty ballsy not putting Duke Nukem on this list. But you got my man Jax on there so I won't break your balls too hard. Still…dude…?

  2. Tina Armstrong is my favorite DOA character and not just because of her huge cans.

    Mostly because of her huge cans but not exclusively because of them.

  3. Stereotypes aren't racist (Except the ones that are). The way everyone in USA feels about guile is the way people in other countries view their stereotyped character. The only people who get offended by things so benine as this are those who have no connection to "their culture" and are insecure about it.

  4. you saying "always punch nazis" in a way like you don't expect to being punched for being amerinazi?
    seems you thought was not well though at that moment

  5. I’m honestly shocked. That was the most patriotic I’ve seen Bob in awhile and he held back on the President jokes. I didn’t think he was still capable of restraint on that front.

  6. Tax evasion and saying fuck you to taxes in general is way more american than punching some stupid socialists that ended up winning the war anyway.

  7. Good to see Bob is keeping it classy and arguing against proper discussion and convincement and in favour of Antifa esque terrorism to further radicalize already plenty radical political minorities.

  8. You forgot "Big Boss". "The Boss" was British and you could make an argument that Solid and Liquid Snakes don't have a nationality since they where created in a lab from mothers that where also not American. But Naked "The Boss" Snake was born in U.S. in the 60's and joined the army out of an idealization for his nation and mentor only to be trapped in the political games of the powerful and unseen, destine to fight war after war after war……………………..Happy Birthday America!

  9. I feel like Travis Touchdown should have been switched out for Juliet Starling. She's a blonde haired, blue-eyed cheerleader, with letterman jacket wearing boyfriend, a dad who looks like Elvis, and a lot of her alternate costumes invoke 50s and 60s Americana. Other than that, this was pretty good.

  10. Where’s Gordon Freeman? Don’t tell me a world class physicist with a penchant for destroying everything in front of him isn’t USA as fuck

  11. The video should be retitled to the most american video game character caricatures according to japanese developers.

  12. Don't try to retcon your wish to see all republicans be killed (oh right, " be Thanos'd " into a simple joke about nobody living in a low-population state. You wished their death. I don't understand why you are still employed here, or anywhere.

  13. I'll admit, I did not see #1 coming. I approve, but there's another The Boss that could have made it onto that list, just saying.

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