Top 10 Amazing Fan Made Video Game Movies

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Top 10 Amazing Fan Made Video Game Movies
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Video games and movies have had a bad track record over the years, with many studios failing to stick to the source material and capture the true spirit of the game they’re trying to adapt. However, fans and creatives all over the world have done some incredible work in brining their favorite stories and characters into the world of cinema. For this list, we’re looking at video game movies made by fans, for fans, which pay homage to their respective games with stunning detail, beautiful set pieces, and remarkable visuals.

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List Entries & Rank:
#10: “Croft” (2013)
#9: “Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold” (2015)
#8: “The Last of Us: No Escape” (2017)
#7: “Half-Life: Escape From City 17” – Parts 1 and 2 (2009-11)
#6: “Metroid: The Sky Calls” (2015)
#5: “Mass Effect: Red Sand” (2012)
#4: “Mortal Kombat Rebirth” (2010)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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39 thoughts on “Top 10 Amazing Fan Made Video Game Movies”

  1. Now I know why I unsubscribed from you clowns. It was over your political bias with your anti Trump shit. Metal gear philanthropy is the ultimate fan made film and you have no reference of it. Embarrassing. Step your bias game up

  2. One thing about MK 95: No theme song is more kickass. That's about all it's got for me, plus the Cage v. Goro nutshot scene.. "Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole"

  3. Terrible fate better be on this list, I know it’s only like 4-5 minutes long but the animation on that Zelda fan film is comparable to Pixar, and that ending, woah
    Edit: number one baby

  4. People doing it better than big corporations.

    The fans do it out of love.

    Corporates do it out for the love of money.

  5. Damn that RDR1 fan film though! The environment was so indistinguishable from the actual map in the game! And the costumes of the actors? On point. Well done man, well done.

  6. What about The Winglet's Team Fortress 2 animations? His are hilarious and spectacular. Source Film Maker animations need a series!

  7. Their is no such thing as Nathan drake. That is just Nathan fillions alias.

    Mind. Blown.

  8. Can they please do the reverse of this? Have video games of movies?

    Could you imagine how cool it would be to have a "Detroit: Become Human" video game? That would be awesome.

  9. Why "The Lord Inquisitor" ( is not on the list? Technically it still counts as a VG movie (as there are WH40k-based video games), even being set in a universe of a tabeltop wargame.

  10. How is it that fans can make better videos than actual video game movies? That's right because they're fans

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