Top 10 Times Hollywood Ruined Video Game Movies

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We still can’t believe that Hollywood has produced so many bad video game movies, but here we are. These are just a few instances of really bad video game movie adaptations. From Max Payne to Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Super Mario Bros to Assassin’s Creed, making a great video game movie seems to be an impossible feat for the movie industry. What do you think is the worst video game movie?

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 Times Hollywood Ruined Video Game Movies”

  1. Assassin’s Creed was actually pretty decent don’t know why it’s on the list. They made their own story and respected the game’s past.

  2. You guys should be lucky that WatchMojo didn't add the Need For Speed 2014 movie to the list. Won't forgive Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik for dissing the movie just for "insulting gearheads" like myself!!

  3. Remove Resident Evil saga from the top cuz at least is not boring as Assassin's Creed xD and add Tekken and The King of Fighters movie maybe in the 1st place cuz that sh** is worst than Super Mario and MKA xDD

  4. Just 10… every video game movie other than detective pikachu has been terrible. It finally broke the 30ish year bad streak. Probably will restart with sonic though.

  5. If you're drunk enough, bored, or you're just doing some stuff around the house. Laura Croft, first Mortal Kombat (and YouTube version), Doom, & all the Resident Evil series.

  6. what is crazy about the Double Dragon movie is they filmed a bunch of it here in Cleveland Ohio and the villain of the movies HQ was really Tower City Downtown and they just sup'ed it up no lie

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