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If you’re interested, here are some different sources for the theories, so you can read/watch up on them!
Final Fantasy 8 ►
Kirby ► Pic of Original Thread –
Mass Effect ►
Portal ►MatPat’s Video on Companion Cube Theory –
Animal Crossing ► Kappa stuff
Original GamesRadar Article from 2008 –


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37 thoughts on “Top 5 Creepy Theories in Video Games! – SpaceHamster”

  1. I dknt really know about number 5 I mean Crazy Lady with super powers and what was that line about the first part being more realistic than fantastical and from his "death" scene it looks like she creates ice from thin air not grabbing the nearest icicle and chucking it at him but why am I taking it seriously it's just a theory not proven fact

  2. I think my issue with indoctrination theory is that, in a way, it's actually even less satisfying of a conclusion than the face-value interpretation. If you make the right choice, then Shepard can keep what's left of his broken mind, good for him. But if he wakes up, then there's still the war to win, which, if this theory is true, we won't get to see or participate in. Which is kind of also my problem with "the whole game from this point on was just this person hallucinating as they slowly die" theories. Good for them, they get closure as they fly off to join the choir infinite, but if what we just saw didn't ACTUALLY happen, then what the hell happens to everyone else?

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