Top 5 simple moves to end a street fight in SECONDS

Not suitable for some viewers, viewer discretion is strongly advised.
Lenny Sly of the #roguewarriors training compound gives us some tips on how to fuck someone up using 5 simple moves. Here i show you what it takes to deploy these top 5 strikes to stop a fight dead in their tracks in seconds. I also teach you what stances to use when faced with someone that is trying to start a fight with you. There are several things to keep an eye out when confronted, watch where their hand placement is as well as if they start turning to either side. That is a sure indication that you are about to get sucker punched, SO WATCH OUT FOR THAT. Also when deploying any of these strikes please take note that you can cause serious injury. So only use these methods when your in clear and present danger of receiving great bodily harm. Furthermore these strikes are not to be used for entertainment purposes with friends. Viewer assumes all liability for misuse of any of these techniques.
#roguewarriors Please watch: “World’s FASTEST handgun disarm – COMBATIVE CONCEPTS”


27 thoughts on “Top 5 simple moves to end a street fight in SECONDS”

  1. #1. Pull your gun from your coat or purse. #2. Aim gun at the target. #3. Pull back the hammer. #4. Yell out "You just f*cked with the wrong guy today dickhead!!" #5. Pull the trigger.

  2. Great video and despite all the jokes very practical. Not sure how you would ever get to practice any of these though. Hopefully, never need to! I used to go to a gym in Bangkok where one of the partners, though not the main one, would contradict any agreement already made about PT costs with his boss. Was so scary I had the choice to pay up extra costs above what had been agreed (at least I believed) or leave the gym … I left despite being a founding member. Shortly afterward he left and the third partner (a great guy) started his own gym. Which maybe goes to show, if you can walk away from a fight do so, if you can't, kick them in the balls.

  3. Really good video i like the part about not holdup up fists in front of you since that look agressive, you want in most cases to look like the victim so other people see who the agressor is so they in court can defend you that "the aggresive man walked towards you" ..: as the man say only use these in real serious self defence since it really can hurt the other person and in some cases maybe even kill them. ( hit to throat is very dangerous)

    My best advice for anyone is really to try and avoid any fight especially if you dont train it often.. there is a high risk of getting hurt really bad or maybe even for life.. lets face it if you loose 100usd in your wallet isent that better than life long injury….so avoid the fight and report it to the police.. now a days there are cameras everywhere or someone see someone ect..
    You never really know if the other person is crazy and have a knife or a gun.. best to just avoid the fight if you live a place where such things happen.

    Example always carry two wallets.. your ordinary wallet, and a secondary wallet with a little money in that you just throw a few meters away and hold your hands up in front of you like in the video and walk backward and say i dont want any problems Take the money and then start walking away maybe even run away. I would presume in most cases that now the person got what he want and just want to get away before someone come arround and notise what is going on. And he properbly take the money and drop the wallet with HIS fingerprints on it near the place you where robbed.
    Dont risk your life, or try to disarm anyone if you get such a fancy idea..

    If everything fail use what you see in the video and if you deside to attack then go in with 300% force.. its gona hurt your hands and arms and so on in a fight, but keep going going going and going dont stop, find your inner beast 😉 . And if the opponment yell or look like he is hurt then run away and call the police.
    Its easy to get carried away and go from self protection to being the one who assault… only use as much force as nessesary, so dont kick a man laying down, you dont want to be the "attacker" and reverse the situation. But ofcourse all of this is easy to say, in reality things can evolve in many ways.

  4. 6:00 this is no joke. Guy did this to me many years ago. We use to get into a lot of bar fights down town dude hit me from behind with a cell phone. No technique involve whatsoever and NO I was not in extrutiating pain. Lucky I had my boys with me. It was a small brawl but fair fight. Under cover cops rushed in and my boy broke a cops nose. To my friends luck all he had to do was apologize to the cop and we was let go. Cops did not identified that they were officer and some got a beating too. Aaaah the good old days. Nowadays you get shot in Toronto. And perforated eardrum ain't shit. Didn't stop me from throwing back some blows.Was just annoying for a week cuz I couldn't hear. This was a great video and great reminder I need to always be on guard.

  5. I have learnt some martial arts in my life, and the ear strikes mentioned here are very useful, the eyes too with open fingers. I have cattle, and a bull confronted me, these techniques saved my life though I have not used them on a human… As some of these comments have mentioned taking down an elephant, they have taken down a bull.

  6. Very good video, better than the vast majority of similar videos I've seen. I've been looking around to find some vids like this for a friend of mine. I'm a better than average fighter and have been teaching her a bit but videos like this are a huge plus. You go right to the functionality of it, help avoid common pitfalls and errors, impress on people the importance of considering the legality of it (screwed up world we live in) but effectively showed how an average, untrained person can defend themselves very effectively with just a few options at their disposal. The only thing I think should have been included in this video is to tell folks the value of practicing moves to create muscle memory until these methods are fluid, accurate, and instinctual. It's the only thing you left out that I saw that can have a big impact on whether or not your viewers will ever use these strikes SUCCESSFULLY. I subscribed tho, and liked the video…the info you're giving people is definitely worth supporting, keep it up

  7. In the future, turn up the volume. You want me to pay attention but I can't hear you. No, i will NOT put on fking headphones…if I have to be leashed to something to hear you then you are not worth listening to.

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