Top 5 TF2 SFM Videos (With 1 Bonus Video)

I Am Not The Not Owner Of The Videos And Songs Used In This Video.

Here Is The Link To The Real Creators Of These Videos:

Healirious –

How Crits Work –

Engie’s nanites –

Double-Edged Defense –

Hunted –

Judas –

Music Used In These Videos:


Soundtracks by Thoopje…………

Double-Edged Defense:


Tune Fortress – 2. No Escape [HA composer]…

Tune Fortress – 3. The Sound of Warfare [HA composer]…


Music by FlyToRainbowRay

Link to song


Music used:
The Big Decision – Audionautix
The Big Decision by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)

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21 thoughts on “Top 5 TF2 SFM Videos (With 1 Bonus Video)”

  1. 1. This is why I go battle med
    2. Gabe y u do dis
    3.makes class more worth
    4. I wish this was real… oh
    5. Just your everyday engie
    6?! WoAh what drugs am I on

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