Top Five Worst Backtracking in Video Games – rabbidluigi

I feel like you can compare backtracking to having the same song on repeat for an hour. It doesn’t matter how much you like something, if you have to experience it again and again it’ll start to grate on you. Unless it’s REALLY good but when has that ever happened?

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24 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Backtracking in Video Games – rabbidluigi”

  1. 6:40
    "It's a really out of character moment for TTYD"
    Ch 3: Entire level takes place in a small arena that you need to regularly retravel around
    Ch 4: 3 back and forth trips to the manor
    Ch 5: 3 back and forth trips to Bombery
    Ch 6: Navigating back and forth over a loooooooong train
    Yep totally out of character.

    Joking aside TTYD was amazing and in many instances the back tracking was justified like how ch 3 is set up to be a mystery so you would naturally need to retrace steps as more of the puzzle was uncovered. I'm even okay with the back tracking in ch 4 since I felt that ch 4 was very well crafted with the plot twist halfway through and I felt that each trip back and forth was reasonably justified. Even the General White quest I felt was fine since TTYD has a warp system in place to make it easier to revisit all the areas. Only Ch 5 felt inexcusable since there didn't seem to be a good reason to backtrack and ch 6, though excusable since again a mystery, felt like it could have been a smaller level.

  2. I never really understood the hate for the Temple of the Ocean King. Every time you had to return there, you had new items which unlocked some pretty massive shortcuts, changing up how you did the dungeon every time. Hell, the last time you go through it, you can just straight up kill all the phantoms, and even get treasures for doing so.

  3. I don't recall being annoyed at backtracking. perhaps its because I've played and still playing mmorpgs that's all about backtracking for about a decade now.
    I mean for example repeating the same dungeon 2000 times to get a certain reward, no matter how useful or useless it may be, doesn't look that bad to me lol.

  4. Mindless wondering. And IDIOTS demand more. Final Fantasy 13 is perfect example. "Too linear." FF 13 -2 and 3 answered this with mindlessly looking for shit. Good story and fun gameplay is ALL I NEED. Fucking idiot fanboys.

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