TORNADO HITS SEMI TRUCK NE of Fowler, KS by Val and Amy Castor 5-17-19

KWTV News 9 StormTrackers Val and Amy Castor chased a tornadic storm that developed in Beaver County, OK and moved into KS on 5-17-19. In this video, the tornado crosses HWY 54 and overturns a semi.

36 thoughts on “TORNADO HITS SEMI TRUCK NE of Fowler, KS by Val and Amy Castor 5-17-19”

  1. The scene where that tornado is shadowing the background of the overturned truck looks apocalyptic! Seems like the first funnel played hide and seek/tag you're it with the truck driver! Thank God he's still alive!

  2. He'll need this video for insurance purposes, because you couldn't tell the thing was on the road at that moment. Hopefully he'll get the help he needs.

  3. You don't think that a tornado can blow over a 18 wheeler Now you know the truth.. It can.. and that's a truck that weighs about 40 tons.. so this had to be an ef2 or EFT 3 more like the latter.

  4. thank you val and amy for stopping without hesitation the driver is a very good friend of mine I just picked him up from dodge city and he is shaken but ok. he sends his gratitude to all and thx for capturing such amazing footage

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