Watch Ariana Grande get hit with a LEMON?!

Wait, who brings lemons to a music festival
Did someone seriously throw a lemon at Ariana Grande?! We’ll tell you what happened and theories on how Beyonce’s Beyhive might be behind it. ight before this year’s Coachella kicked off, a false report was circulating, starting a rumor that while Beyonce earned $4 million for her show, Ariana Grande was given 8 million to headline the festival. This was later debunked pretty quickly and it was revealed that the two earned the same amount to headline but apparently some fans missed the memo when someone threw a lemon at Ariana? A video emerged yesterday of Ariana Grande in the middle of her song, walking along a part of the stage that was basically a runway into the audience when all of the sudden she is hit in the chest with a lemon.
Ariana Grande Performs with Justin Bieber for Coachella Week 2 –

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20 thoughts on “Watch Ariana Grande get hit with a LEMON?!”

  1. i go to cochella every year and was there for this. There are many food stands but the most common are lemonade stands that are everywhere. They put half of lemon in the drink, so lemons are easy to find there.

  2. What I find funny is that a person who’s probably almost penniless compared to Beyoncé and Ariana which are millionaires wants one to win more money then the other WOW.. like that would make any difference in their huge bank account, they both are set for life.. soo that person must have showering her own insecurities at her with a LEMON🤣🤣🤣lol

  3. Ariana has been open about her PTSD after the Manchester bombing for awhile now, the thrower had to have known that but did it anyway. It takes a special kind of fucked up to do that

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