WORLD’S 1ST Ø HIT RUN PROGRESSION | Hitless History: Soulsborne Any%

Witness the progression of the “0 Hits Taken” Run on Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, as a Twitch community introduces a challenging new way to play “Soulslike” games at a high level.

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47 thoughts on “WORLD’S 1ST Ø HIT RUN PROGRESSION | Hitless History: Soulsborne Any%”

  1. Wait what? This was a actual thing people were trying to do for years I did this on Dark Souls 3 back in 2016-2017 was my favorite in the series but never included the DLCS on the no Hit Run. Was my favorite souls series game and did multiple runs through the game through cosplay character runs to fist only, No Hit Run, etc…p

  2. This was an amazing recap. I did think it was weird when you said SquillaKilla and not "me, SquillaKilla". Also surprised at no mention of Hobs darks souls 3, 2, 1 back to back no hit achievement. Other than that I loved this and you did a fantastic job and I would love to see more of this.

  3. No. You’re a hitless runner so you overestimate your importance to the game’s growing fanbase.
    It’s because of the rumours of the intense challenge that people want to test themselves.
    You and your 28k subs just show how little you contribute to the popularity. Just stop.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this video, but when I saw the thumbnail and title I thought it was someone who played all the soulsborne games back to back in one stream with 0 hits. The challenge has been presented. Who will accept?

  5. As obvious as it sounds, the first no hit probably belongs to someone else that didn't say anything for whatever reason so more accurately, the first recorded no hit runs, also, demon souls needs a remaster for ps4, Xbox1 etc cause still the best PvE souls game with DS2 as best PvP and co-op and DS1 AND 3 as the best balance of both (except invading cause, and guilty myself, easy to scum new players with top rank gear when they have only a weak mace) (opinion)

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